What have past clients said about your shows?

Here is some feedback from past clients and audiences of Yeats Magic Co.: “I recommend Master Magician Yeats Wong to any one who puts together a private or public event. He performs around the world. He’s amazing in many delightful (-Read the Full Story-)

How much does it cost to hire a magician?

In Calgary, rates can vary from $0 to $5000. It depends on the type of event, type of magician, experience of magician, quality of show, and amount of equipment needed (sound, lights, mics, props, technicians). I have arranged everything from (-Read the Full Story-)

Why do the rates vary?

Prices vary due to the experience of the particular magician, amount of set up required for an act, fluctuating demand, and cost of equipment/transport/preparation. Close up shows require very little preparation, where as a small stage show may require setup (-Read the Full Story-)

Aren’t magicians just for children? Are magicians suitable for adult entertainment?

Calgary has some excellent Children’s Magic specialists, but many magicians will specialize in entertaining adults and families. Some performers have acts geared towards adults (for example, night club comedy magicians and corporate specialists), and work poorly with children. Many performers (-Read the Full Story-)

What type of magicians and entertainers do we have in Calgary?

Calgary has a huge variation in entertainers, each specializing in their particular brand of performance. To name just a few; stand-up comedians, hypnotists, comedy magicians, kids magic, street magic, restaurant close-up, jugglers, ventriloquists, mentalists, stage illusion, parlour magic, motivational magic, (-Read the Full Story-)

What can you do to help me with my event?

I can help you find the right performer for the right budget; that might be anything from a volunteer amateur magician at a charity event, to an expensive pro stage illusionist. There are such a huge number of performers of (-Read the Full Story-)

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