Calgary Performers

Through my network of professional contacts, I am able to bring to you the hidden gems of Calgary’s magicians. Some are established local professionals, while others are visiting international magicians.

Additionally, I am constantly on the lookout for new up-and-comers, and top semi-professionals, who have perfected their incredible routines. Occasionally, I will bring in a highly proficient student performer from the Calgary Magic Circle Junior Club.

Below are some of the regulars from Yeats Magic Co, but they are only a sampling of the performers that I bring in to my shows!
[performers are subject to availability]

Our Network

Yeats Wong – Stage Illusions, and Mentalism

Gwyn Auger – Magician’s Assistant

Ryan Pilling – Comedy Magician

Curtis Brown – Motivational Magician

Chris Hogan - Strolling Magician

Chris Hogan – Strolling Magician

Shawn Maloney – Children’s Birthday Magician

Trixtan – Strolling Magic

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