Elle..”The Everything Girl”: at Pincher Creek!

by Yeats Wong
May 05, 2013
Elle the Escapologist!

Elle the Escapologist!


A Packed House at Pincher Creek

Stage Magic at Pincher Creek

Fun with a volunteer at PIncher Creek

Before the Show with Elle

The versatile Assistant Elle has finished prepping the props, lights and sound!

Many people don’t realize the extent of preparations required to create a full stage show.  Elle is an indispensable part of my show, assisting me with marketing, bookings, technical setup, and performing in many of my illusions!

MUSIC: Although I customize the setlist for each show (based on the venue, demographics, and duration of the show), Elle then takes over by establishing the music for each piece, which sets the mood for the audience.  Years ago, I used to be very specific on the exact music I wanted for every piece… until I realized Elle is better at picking music than me!

SOUND:  Establishing the acoustics in the room is extremely vital in any show.  The audience must be able to hear every word clearly, without the distractions of feedback or overly loud background music.  Before every show, Elle sets up the speakers, tests the music volumes, sets up the mics, and does the sound checks.

PROPS & BACKDROPS & WHATNOTS:  Elle also helps set up the stage props, loading and unloading, as well as checking that every prop has been prepped.  As well, she prints my invoices, collects my receipts, and brings copies of my setlist for each show.

LIGHTING:  This is Elle’s favourite aspect of every show!  Elle sets up a complex DMX lighting setup, and pre-programs the sequences to create the perfect dramatic stage effect. The setup is time consuming and the equipment is expensive, so the lighting setup is only reserved for our high end stage shows.  But when we have a show with full lighting setup, Elle is in heaven!


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