Calgary Magic Circle 2010 Member of the Year

by Yeats Wong
Jul 07, 2010
Shawn Maloney presents Member of Year Award to me.

CMC President Shawn Maloney presents Member of Year Award to me.

Thank you very much to the Calgary Magic Circle for this great honour!

I’ve been a member of the Calgary Magic Circle since 1994, and have since then become heavily involved with the running and organization of this fine magicians club.

You often hear the phrase “A magician never reveals his secret”.  But then how does a magician learn his secrets in the first place??

2010 Member of Year Award

The Calgary Magic Circle 2010 Member of Year Award

For years in my childhood, I studied the arts of magic and legerdemain from books at my local library.  But nothing replaces the interactive critique and advice of real magicians.  books cannot accurately describe the fluidity and impeccable timing required to properly execute sleight of hand.

When I moved to Calgary, I discovered the Calgary Magic Circle.  This organization of magic enthusiasts embraced me as one of their own – helping and nurturing my study of magic.

Over the years, most of the members that I knew from those days have moved away, passed away, or left the club for other endeavors.  I greatly admired what they had built, and quickly realized that it was my fellow members that made the club what it was – their love of magic and passion for helping fellow magicians is what made it such a fine organization.  And one day I realized that if I wanted this club to succeed, it would be up to newer members like myself to put energy and initiative back into this club so that future generations of young magicians will have a place to nurture their talents.

With my work on such endeavours as the club’s website, newsletter, events, lecture series, and Junior school, I hope to repay, if only in some small part, what the past members gave to me.


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