CANADIAN Magician – Richard Sanders

by Yeats Wong
Jan 01, 2011

Q: What do insulin, zippers, the electron microscope, the Wonderbra, and Richard Sanders have in common?

A: They are all from Canada.

Richard Sanders is arguably one of the top magicians in Canada, and has proven himself as an avid inventor and designer of closeup magic.

Few audiences realize that, like the music industry, there are both performers and creators of magic.  In the music industry, there is often a team of lyricists and songwriters behind many of the top singers and musicians.  Often, a modern day pop idol has never written a single song, but rather sings the songs as written by others.  Similary, most magicians specialize in performing and putting together magic effects into routines, but many have never invented a single magic effect.

Richard Sanders is one of the elite magicians who creates those devilishly deceptive illusions, and has become a well-known name in magic amongst magicians with his incredible effects.  He has also chosen to share and market his effects, putting them into the hands of other magicians – essentially “writing the music” to which many of us perform. I had the privilege of chatting with Richard on his visit to Calgary during his lecture tour across Canada; he was an witty and a blast to hang out with.

Hanging out with Canadian Magician/Inventor, Richard Sanders


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