Chinese New Year 2013

by Yeats Wong
Mar 03, 2013
CUSTTA Audience2

A great audience!

I love performing at multicultural events each year – it always brings me back to my cultural roots.  Even though I perform completely in English (my Chinese skills are about that of a 5 year old!), I find that having grown up in a multicultural society has made me a better performer.

Having an understanding of cultural difference also has given me the ability to see my own stage performance from the eyes of a person who may not get the subtle puns, but can appreciate the humour and universal language of magic and comedy.  Regardless if the audience is Chinese, Korean, Canadian, or East Indian, the basics of establishing rapport, trust, and wonderment remains the same.



Great audience volunteer!

Wayne Cao CUSTTA Event

MLA Wayne Cao locks me in a straitjacket for my own good!


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