Game Show Entertainment – ENTM3

by Yeats Wong
Aug 08, 2011


*phhhhhew* I’m exhausted from prep work for tomorrow’s Elle’s Next Top Model Cycle 3!


This is actually about the 5-6th time I’ve had a chance to test out my “customized Game Show” entertainment concept, and it’s grown way beyond my initial vision… but only because of technical genius, Elle Nguyen’s non-stop work on the digital contestant challenges, and finding business sponsors and prizes.  I was only expecting a couple hundred dollars worth of prizes, but somehow Elle managed to find me almost $2000 worth of sponsored prizes for this show!!!

Now that we’ve tested and expanded on my initial gameshow idea, I hope to roll this out this year as my new corporate entertainment package for my December holiday / Christmas shows.If anyone’s interested in checking out the big gameshow tomorrow (and competing for prizes), toss me an email and I’ll get you some details!

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