Ethan’s Story

by Yeats Wong
Aug 08, 2017

Ethan Nielson was hit by a truck in 2016.  Although he survived, Ethan and his family endured a long struggle to recovery with the help of the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Ethan’s mother hosted a charity fundraiser on March 17, 2017, marking the one year anniversary of the collision.  I was quite touched by the story, and brought my team out to help in the 17424978_1641186769523842_4428197994141796001_n 17361681_1641186839523835_2192935278107852784_nfundraiser with a full stage magic children’s show, cotton candy for the guests by Delight Pop Up, and post-show close up one-on-one magic by Chris Hogan

It was great to finally meet Ethan, and really happy to hear his recovery is progressing very well.

“…  Engaging stories that spurred audience participation including levitating a young guest.  Yeats kept everyone on their toes with a riveting show.  We will for sure use him in the future.” – Melanie Nielsen

Ethan Nielson’s Recovery Facebook Page

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