Hangin’ with Harry!

by Yeats Wong
Aug 08, 2010
Harry Anderson aka Judge Harry Stone

One of my childhood magician inspirations, Harry Anderson

Nurturing my love for magic during the 80’s, Harry Anderson was one of my inspirations.

You may remember him as “Harry the Hat” from the hit TV sitcom, Cheers.  Or perhaps as “Judge Harold Stone” from TV’s Night Court.

But before he was an actor, Harry Anderson was first and foremost a magician.

Harry broke the mold of magicians – showing the world that magicians don’t have to wear tuxedos, or spangly outfits.  They don’t have to be charismatic and charming.  They just have to be entertaining. Harry Anderson created a stage persona where he was obnoxious, half drunk, and hilarious.

Harry’s influence on my performance style was to show me that magic the character that we play on stage is more important than the effects we perform.  Harry personified a con artist, yet the audience still loved him, and cheered for him… far after you forget the miracle he performed on stage, you will always remember Harry’s stage presence.


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