Heritage Park – With KOOL 101.5 FM

by Yeats Wong
Aug 08, 2012

Thanks to radio station KOOL for sponsoring Yeats Magic Co. at Heritage Park!  We had great fun with our olde timey Classic Magic Stage performance!

With the help of assistant Elle Nguyen, I held two stage shows at the Didsbury Bandstand.  Approximately 100 people turned out for the shows, with a mix of adults and kids of all ages.

During the break after my first show, a sudden thunderstorm hit the grounds, and I invited the audience to come and shelter in my gazebo.  While waiting for the rain to subside, I made balloon animals for all the kids.

An hour later, *just* as it was time for the second scheduled show, the sun conveniently came out, and the rain stopped.  Naturally, I attributed the convenient weather to my extreme mastery of weather manipulation.

Working with the KOOL 101.5 team was such a pleasure!  They were extremely well organized, professional and responsive to all my concerns.

Heritage Park also did a great job with providing the sound, technical setup, and wonderful chauffeurs for my team and our equipment.  Great weather and a super fun time!

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