Hootenanny at Heritage Park

by Yeats Wong
Aug 08, 2011


Assistant Elle Nguyen at the Hootenanny


Yeats Wong at The Didsbury Bandstand

Thanks to Shine FM and Calgary’s Child for inviting Yeats Magic Co. to perform at the Hootenanny Days 2011 at Heritage Park.  We had a blast performing at the Didsbury Bandstand, and the audience was absolutely a “hoot”! We had a really enthusiastic crowd of adults and kids!

Elle Nguyen guest starred as our magician’s assistant for the day, and my former student, Chris Johnsen, was featured as a guest performer.  Andrew Chang performed walkaround strolling magic.

The event was run very well, with courtesy trucks to transport our huge load of equipment, a friendly costuming department, and refreshments for the Yeats Magic crew.  It was a pleasure to work with Shine FM’s audio tech crew, as they were professional and helpful.

After the event, we took a stroll through the exhibitor tents, historic villages, the amusement park, and the museums.  I’ve lived in Calgary for over 15 years, and I can’t believe this is my first visit to this quality tourist attraction!


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