In Canada88 Newspaper: Chinese New Year

by Yeats Wong
Mar 03, 2014

Chinese New Year shows were huge fun this year; City Councillor Joe Magliocca assisted me with an illusion by testing his skill with weaponry, while Councillor Sean Chu strapped me into a straight jacket.  Regional Chinese Newspaper, Canada88, was on hand to capture some fun moments and cover the event.

Working with the local non-profit cultural organizations is a great opportunity to flex my skills; stage entertainment for specific cultural groups can be quite tricky.  I’m always acutely aware that not all the comedic moments and effects are suitable for all cultural groups, and I take great pains to choose routines that are most effective for each audience.  Though I can speak Chinese, I prefer to perform in English, while ensuring the visual effects, and non-verbal communication will be inclusive of any non-English speaking audience members.

City Councillor Joe Magliocca assists me with an illusion... involving a deadly weapon!

City Councillor Joe Magliocca assists me with an illusion… involving a deadly weapon!


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