Penn & Teller

by Yeats Wong
Jul 07, 2010
Teller of Penn and Teller!

No that ain’t Richard Nixon – that’s Teller!

I’m often asked which magician is my favourite.  It’s a difficult question; I have my favourite comedy magicians, favourite manipulation artists, favourite illusionists, favourite presenters.

But if I had to pick an overall favourite of all the magicians in the world, Penn and Teller are the ones I consider to be the “best”.  They combine skill, with showmanship, entertainment, and creativity.

Completely different from the classical magicians, they don’t bother much with fancy boxes, and the pretty showgirls.  Penn & Teller created their own style of magic, using psychology, misdirection, and a quirky sense of humour. Moreover, they are in an elite class that creates and innovates unique magic effects.

Penn Jillette

Most magicians perform shows where 90% of their material was invented by other people.  Many will put their mark on an effect by giving it a little twist, or with their unique presentation of character.  But Penn & Teller, elevate the entire profession and give new meaning to “thinking outside the box”.  They deliberately shun all the classic routines, except to make fun of them.  They perform magic in a way that is unlike any magician out there, and they do it with a flair and style that is completely unmatched.

Penn & Teller are the best!

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