Lance Burton in Vegas

by Yeats Wong
May 05, 2010

Picture with Lance Burton (May 2010) My childhood idol, Las Vegas Illusionist, Lance Burton!  I first saw Lance Burton on TV on an 1982 episode of Knight Rider, as magician/villian Austin Templeton in 1982.  At the time, I had no idea who Lance Burton was.

Years later, I saw Lance on TV, performing his now famous FISM award winning manipulation routine.  I didn’t remember his face, or his voice from the TV show; but I had a vivid recollection of the specific routine that he performed.  That brought back a long-forgotten childhood memory of Templeton, and I was shocked to later discover that he was indeed the evil villian from Knight Rider.




Thanks to Las Vegas illusionist, Jonathan Silver, for arranging this meet and greet with Lance!


Oh, and the chick in the pic is Elle, my girlfriend.  Sorry Elle, you’re hot, but Lance totally steals the scene this time.


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