Yeats Magic Co helps raise money for malnourished North Korean children!

by Yeats Wong
May 05, 2012
Yeats on the Front Page of the Korea Alberta Journal

Front page of the Korea Alberta Journal

Interview Article in the Korea Alberta Journal

Interview Article in the Korea Alberta Journal

Wow, I had a huge amount of fun at the Calgary Korean Community Association’s annual charity fundraiser, on Saturday May 12, 2012.  The fundraiser was to raise money for First Steps Canada, a foundation dedicated to battling malnutrition in  North Korea.  Yeats Magic Co. headlined the event with a 1 hour magic show.  In addition to our magic our illusions, the event also featured many talented singers and musicians.

Aside from eating a tonne of really yummy authentic Asian foods, I also had the chance to meet alot of really interesting people, and watch a tonne of highly talented performers!  The singers were absolutely phenomenal; very reflective of the Korean love for Karaoke.

At this performance, I was able to debut several new illusions and effects.  Gwyn Auger and I opened the show with a new illusion; a modern day twist on the classic Zig Zag.One of the challenges with performing for an ethnic community is the language barrier.  A significant portion of the audience has learned English as a second language, and communication is always more difficult.  My own Chinese cultural background offers an advantage in this regard; although I perform in English, I am able to tailor many of the routines so that any of the effects can be fully appreciated whether or not the audiences understands the “patter”.

I also love to build the show around the elements of the community that I am performing for.  In this case, I was happy to include a copy of a Korean newspaper into the act; these small touches lets me  make a bit more of a connection to the audience.


Yeats debuts a new illusion

Yeats performing for Calgary’s Korean CommunityYeats Wong and assistant Gwyn Auger perform with a member of the Korean communityTraining a new sound/lighting techPerforming with water… over the head of a volunteer!

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