Magicians of Calgary & Southern Alberta
Through my network of professional contacts, I am able to bring to you the hidden gems of Calgary’s magicians. Some are established local professionals, while others are visiting international magicians.

Additionally, I am constantly on the lookout for new up-and-comers, and top semi-professionals, who have perfected their incredible routines. Occasionally, I will bring in a highly proficient student performer from one of the local magic schools.

Below are some of the regulars from Yeats Magic Co, but they are only a sampling of the performers that I bring in to my shows!
[performers are subject to availability]

| Yeats Wong | Curtis Brown | Ryan Pilling | Naomi Yanagawa |


Yeats Wong brings a dynamic mixture of culture to the world of magic; blending classical manipulation magic, with a modern and funky edge. Yeats uses visually stunning sleight of hand, and interactive audience participation, to create an entertaining stage show.

Yeats’ two decades of experience on stage, combined with training in theatre and public speaking, makes him the ideal host, MC, and stage performer, all rolled into one!

Yeats has won 3 international magic awards for his innovative and creative style, and currently is an active member of the Calgary Magic Circle.


Curtis Brown brings an inspirational message to his show, that nobody can duplicate. He seamlessly mixes magic, comedy, entertainment, and a motivational message, by bringing his real-life experiences to the stage, with a style that won him a silver medal at the PCAM stage magic competition.

Born with Spina Bifida and confined for life in a wheelchair, Curtis has faced obstacles and difficulties that many of us cannot even imagine. Through his motivational show, Curtis tells us a tale; not just of survival and determination, but of triumph.


A regular performer at the Comedy Cave, and Club Paradiso, Ryan Pilling has over a decade of experience in professional entertaiment, and is considered one of Alberta's top comedy magicians.

With an odd penchant for incorporating duct tape, forks, and coat hangers into his show, Ryan Pilling strives to keep his audiences in that subtle three-point balance between laughter, hyperventilation, and peeing one’s pants.

Ryan’s creative and quirky comedy style makes him one of the few entertainers in Calgary with the ability to enthral adults, kids, and seniors alike.


Only available for a limited time, Naomi Yanagawa is one of several guest magicians visiting from abroad. This gorgeous Japanese beauty has dazzled audiences from around the world with a combination of magic and dance.

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