Here is some feedback from past clients and audiences of Yeats Magic Co.:

“I recommend Master Magician Yeats Wong to any one who puts together a private or public event. He performs around the world. He’s amazing in many delightful magic acts.”

– Wayne Cao, MLA

“Thanks again for coming down and giving us a great show. I had lots of positive feedback and people were very impressed with you both. I got texts the next day with ‘Really impressed by the magician and illusionist.’… ‘They blew my mind.’ …. So glad I decided to go with your unique parlour show.”

– Tyson, Medicine Hat, AB

“What an awesome tight original show! Yeats has developed so much – love the character he plays on stage. …I feel lucky that you live in the same city and I can see great illusions like this…. The best show I have seen in quite a while! And I have seen a lot of shows in my 35 years as a magic performer.”

Steve Forrester, noted performer, author and magic historian
Esplanade Medicine Hat

“I contacted Yeats to provide entertainment for our Seniors Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon…. Yeats keep things moving and the audience really enjoyed the interaction! Comments from our members: ‘kept us going’, ‘interesting’, ‘fun’, an audience go getter. Thanks Yeats, for making our event a special day!”

– West Hillhurst Go-Getters

“Huge kudos!… we hope to have you back some day”

Shirley Winter – Alberta Children’s Hospital

“It was brilliant. Magic frustrates me, as I’m reasonably certain there’s no such actual thing as magic. And yet, there they are, doing it…. How on earth someone can be this talented and twisted? Magician Yeats Wong is a tremendous performer.”

– MR. YYC, Calgary City Blogger

“The show lit up the children’s eyes, and the parents enjoyed it too!”

-Lindsey Morritt, Make-A-Wish Foundation

“Your show was very energetic, entertaining, funny, and amazing. You delivered an awesome magic show that was well appreciated by different age groups. The audience liked it so much and would like to see more of your shows possibly in future events.”

– Ali Roshanejad, President, Iranian Cultural Society

“Delightfully twisted tricks… keep coming back for more” –

FFWD Weekly News, 2011

“… extremely entertaining for both our younger and senior members! …Look forward to see you again at our next annual spring banquet.”

– Anthony Chan, National President – GHOT Benevolent Association of America

“Yeats and his team were absolutely wonderful! Professional to deal with and they kept us engaged and entertained for the entire evening. Everyone here at work is still talking about them! Highly recommended.”

– Danielle, Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Lethbridge

In Calgary, rates can vary from $0 to $5000. It depends on the type of event, type of magician, experience of magician, quality of show, and amount of equipment needed (sound, lights, mics, props,
technicians). I have arranged everything from charity shows (with
volunteer performers, and junior magicians), to corporate multi-performer events with professional illusionists and full stage lighting. 

Some ballpark costs;
– walkaround/closeup magic ~$75 – $150/hr
– birthday parties at home ~$175 – $300/hr
– small stage show (50-75ppl) ~$400 – $800
– large stage show (100-400ppl) ~$1000 – $5000

Prices and show quality also fluctuate based on the season and availability. November and December are peak seasons; expect prices to double as demand goes up, especially for weekend evenings late Nov and early Dec).

Prices vary due to the experience of the particular magician, amount of set up required for an act, fluctuating demand, and cost of equipment/transport/preparation. Close up shows require very little preparation, where as a small stage show may require setup time, audio equipment, and transport of more props and equipment. Large stage shows may require technicians, assistants, audio/visual equipment, as well as significantly more setup time. A premium may also be applied for extra travel for shows outside of Calgary.

Calgary has some excellent Children’s Magic specialists, but many magicians will specialize in entertaining adults and families. Some performers have acts geared towards adults (for example, night club comedy magicians and corporate specialists), and work poorly with children. Many performers fall in between; with optimal performances geared towards a family audience, with plenty of comedy, and interaction with both adults and kids (suitable for weddings, and public shows).

Calgary has a huge variation in entertainers, each specializing in their particular brand of performance. To name just a few: stand-up comedians, hypnotists, comedy magicians, kids magic, street magic, restaurant close-up, jugglers, ventriloquists, mentalists, stage illusion, parlour magic, motivational magic, corporate trade show specialists.

I can help you find the right performer for the right budget; that might be anything from a volunteer amateur magician at a charity event, to an expensive pro stage illusionist. There are such a huge number of performers of different specialties and different qualifications, that it is difficult for the general public to sift through them all and make an informed decision. Some performers will happily take a gig that is outside their area of expertise and perform adequately, though not optimally.

I know most of the magicians in Calgary, and many from around Alberta, and have seen most of the acts. Therefore I can provide advice and assistance in getting you the best performer for your budget. Through my years of networking, I also can usually find someone who has seen or knows of the reputation of performers that I haven’t witnessed personally.