The Amazing Kreskin

BY Yeats | September 9, 2015

The Amazing Kreskin is one of the early influences to my work as a performer and mentalist… and he truly is amazing!

From 1970 – 1975, The Amazing World of Kreskin was a Canadian TV show, produced in Ontario, and syndicated across the U.S.  He’s appeared on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Unlike magic illusion, which uses visual effects and sleight of hand to accomplish an effect, mentalism creates an illusion through the use of psychology, science, and an understanding of the human mind.

Kreskin has never claimed to be psychic – he is first and foremost and entertainer.  Watching him perform, its incredible to see the amount of pure presentation and charisma he puts into every performance.

I have huge respect for Kreskin, as one of the most successful entertainers in mentalism, and the creator of his own unique brand of entertainment.

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