BY Yeats | September 9, 2015

I had an absolute blast attending anc competing at this year’s regional magician’s conference, hosted by Calgary’s finest magic shop, The Vanishing Rabbit (my favourite store in the entire world!). A huge amount of work went into this event by magic shop owner Brent Smith and his wife Anna, along with the hardworking crew (including local magicians Justin Mantelli, Kent Wong, TD Sparks, Gwyn Auger, Chris Lovely, and Manuel Ramirez, to name a few!).

The June 2015 Mega Magic Saturday conference lived up to its name – jam packed with auctions, competitions, shows, and professional lectures by veteran pros from Ontario, Chris Westfall, and Anthony Lindan. It was an amazing and professionally run event, and well attended by students, amateurs, and veteran professionals from all over Alberta.

I absolutely love competitions. It’s an incredible opportunity to see our most talented performers show off their best material, and evolve their craft to new levels. Performing for a lay audience can be fulfilling in itself, but expert judges have seen all the acts, and can give feedback on new and innovative magic acts. But in addition, judges are able to score performers on presentation, costuming, creativity, and technical skill.

I was very happy to have walked away with the 1st prize at the competition, but even more happy to have had the chance to see the best that Alberta has to offer, and participate in the camaraderie of my fellow performers.

A great event by The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop!

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